Using Utah Compose over the summer or preparing for the upcoming school year is based on when the LEA sends Utah Compose school data via UTREx.

Starting August 1st, teachers and students will only be able to log in and access report data from previous courses, unless the LEA has submitted school information to UTREx and it is validated. Courses and students should NOT be manually added because we upload data from UTREx on a nightly basis. Adding this info manually will only cause confusion and more work when the automatic uploads begin. The data that we receive from UTREx is dependent on when the LEA sends the data to UTREx.

Every LEA’s schedule is different. If you do not see any data in your account and would like to start using the site, please contact your assessment director. Also, if you see any information that needs to be added or is incorrect, please contact your assessment director. The assessment director will know how to get in touch with either David Sallay from USBE or the LEA UTREx specialist to resolve any issues.

Utah Compose support is not responsible for entering or updating school data. Please be aware that it takes 24-48 hours for data to be uploaded into Utah Compose. Take a look at this flow chart which describes the process. If you have any questions please email us.

If a teacher is unable to add a student by using the Register Existing feature, then the student information will need to be added to the school’s SIS and sent to UTREx.