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Have you ever seen the movie, A Christmas Story? This writing exercise incorporates a hilarious scene from the movie and is designed to make writing fun for students!


It is well known that boys lag at all grade levels behind girls in literacy achievement, and although a multitude of books and articles have been written about this phenomenon, the gap continues.

Among the complaints most teachers have about end-of-year tests is that they provide little or no actionable information about students, at least for the current school year. Even interim assessments, given three or four times a year, may not yield timely feedback, especially if portions need to be sent out for hand scoring of open-ended responses. For test feedback to be useful, it has to be tangible, transparent, actionable, customized, timely, ongoing, and consistent. That’s a tall order.

The Educational Testing Service Invitational Conference of 1985 had as its theme “The Redesign of Testing for the 21st Century.” It has been a little over 25 years since the conference proceedings were published, and it is amazing to see that the future still looks a lot like it did then.

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