New Utah Compose features are now available! We are excited to announce the following upgrades:

  • Student writers can now revise their essays even after they have used the Format and Finalize features. Essay formatting and finalization can also be enabled or disabled by prompt.
  • Students can easily see the number of characters in their essay as they type.
  • Constructed Response reports are now available for students and teachers.
  • NEW ADVANCED OPTION IN PROMPTS: Teachers can now add words to the Specialized Vocabulary List, which will prevent the PEG scoring engine from flagging these words as errors.
  • Choices for graphic organizers are now designated by the student's grade as well as the genre of the selected prompt.
  • New search features make it easy for teachers to find students to add to courses.
  • Teacher support pages include external resources links to Quetext (a free plagiarism checker) and the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (for citation support).

The full release notes for Utah Compose are listed in the teacher support pages.