How to Log In To Utah Compose

Good news, there is no need to add students or create your courses! Utah Compose is importing teacher and student accounts through SIS! Please register or login and access your account. This approach will enable students and teachers to get started right away and avoid the need for teachers to build rosters and courses manually. We hope you enjoy this feature!

Teachers who have never logged onto Utah Compose will need to fill out a registration page. When a teacher logs on, they will click on Teacher Sign-up on the Sign In page. Teachers must have a CACTUS ID to register.
  • When teachers fill out this information, they will be able to create their own username with the recommended T+CACTUS ID format, for example T12345, and create their own password in order to log onto Utah Compose.
Teachers who have already logged onto Utah Compose and used their accounts will be able to log on with the same credentials that they used last year.
  • Teachers who don’t remember their password have the option to click on the Forgot your password?  link located on the Sign In page.
Please contact Utah Compose Support for any inquiries: