Resource Roundup

August 12, 2014

Are you looking for fresh, new ways to incorporate writing into the classroom? Do you need new ideas for stimulus material or prompt development? The Resource Roundup is chock full of resources for writing in the classroom. Here are some of our picks from this week:

  • Looking for a creative way to publish student work? FlipSnack changes any PDF into an online flipping book for free!
  • Do you have students who want to write novels? The Young Writers Program offers free workbooks for elementary, middle, and high school students. The workbooks include lessons and activities to help students develop characters, setting, and plot.
  • Are your students writing too many simple sentences? Use Telescopic Text to transform a simple sentence into an elegant paragraph. View the “I made tea” example first, then let students make their own telescopic text using elaboration and varied sentence structure. Or, encourage students to start with a simple topic sentence and elaborate into a fully formed paragraph or essay.
  • If students get stuck coming up with character names, direct them to baby name books or websites.
For more tools and tricks, visit our Resource Roundup archive.

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