Maximizing Your Use of Utah Compose

July 28, 2016

We want to make sure you get the most out of Utah Compose. It is a wonderful program for writing practice and formative assessment. Its use is limited only by the imagination of its users. However, knowing how to use an online tool effectively is often a challenge for students, teachers, and even administrators! 

Read on for some easy tips to ensure students, teachers, and administrators obtain the maximum benefits from Utah Compose.


In Your Classroom:

  • Use Utah Compose regularly!  Watch how regular usage promotes the formative cycle of practice, feedback, and revision to foster writing improvement.
  • Train classroom/school volunteers to assist students with Utah Compose.
  • Encourage students to share their Utah Compose experiences with their peers and parents.
  • Recognize individual students for practicing and improving their writing.
  • Use the instant messaging and "sticky note" options to provide students with constructive feedback.
  • Help students establish a habit of revising their essays and submitting their essays for scoring as well as viewing and processing feedback based on Utah Core Standards.
  • Use the Reports feature to monitor students' writing progress and to make informed instructional decisions.

In Your School:

  • Highlight students' efforts in writing practice and improvement by posting their work on school bulletin boards, featuring it in school publications, and recognizing students at school events.
  • Add Utah Compose to your PLC meeting agendas and discuss best practices for its use.
  • Have a "teacher feature" at staff meetings to recognize teachers who are actively guiding students using Utah Compose to practice writing.
  • Identify successful Utah Compose teacher users and arrange for them to assist inactive or struggling users.
  • Coordinate with the school district office to schedule Utah Compose on-site school trainings, and make them mandatory for teachers and administrators.
  • Make sure that School Administrator account holders are well-trained in how to navigate the Courses, Prompts, Users, and Reports tabs and are supporting teachers in best practices with Utah Compose.
  • Post the Utah Compose link on your school's website as one of the learning tools used in your school.
  • Demonstrate Utah Compose at PTA meetings, Curriculum Night, and similar events.
  • Enlist the help of high school students who need volunteer hours for club membership (National Honor Society, etc.) to assist younger students in your classrooms.
  • Use the Utah Compose "support system" (website, webinars, email support, phone support) to answer your questions and get help.

In Your District:

  • Establish clear expectations and accountability measures for using Utah Compose in all schools and classrooms.
  • Schedule teacher leaders and designated School Administrator account holders to offer training and updates at regular intervals.
  • Use your network of teacher leaders and School Administrator account holders to provide training and support of new teachers.
  • Train District Administrator account holders to use the Reports feature to follow schools' Utah Compose use, to keep colleagues informed, and to provide support for schools.
  • Feature each school’s use of Utah Compose on the district website, rotating them to ensure coverage.
  • Schedule times during district meetings for principals to report on their schools' use and to recognize writing achievement for students, teachers, and schools.

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